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Fran Rubel Kuzui


Running Time: 82'

Main Cast :
Rutger Hauer - Lothos
Kristy Swanson - Buffy
Donald Sutherland - Merrick
Paul Reubens - Amilyn
Luke Perry - Pike
Michele Abrams - Jennifer
Hilary Swank - Kimberly
Paris Vaughan - Nicole
David Arquette - Benny
Randall Batinkoff - Jeffrey
Andrew Lowery - Andy
Sasha Jenson - Grueller

Joss Whedon

Buffy is the Hemery High cheerleader who finds out that her fate is to slay vampires.

In the beginning, Buffy is a definite 'mall doll' who has very few concerns beyond what's hip and happening. Buffy starts out as someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, but her metamorphosis is set into motion by the mysterious Merrick, whose role in life is to make Slayers aware of their destiny and then train them for battle. Merrick's attempts to convince Buffy to accept her fate as a Slayer are among the comic highlights of the film.

Merrick is so caught up in the Gothic horror movie world he lives in that he is constantly confounded by the superficiality of Buffy's life. But then she proves to be so much more than her cultural environment has imposed upon her. Unwillingly, she accepts the role of Slayer after they get attacked by a group of local vampires. Her most important goal now is to try to kill their boss, Lothos, the King of the Undead, who is grotesquely threatening the lives of the entire village.

This film has become a cult movie and during the summer of its release in the U.S. it grossed $14 million and could boast to have been the first of a series of vampire films which were released later during that year.

Rutger's Notes:
Charm is the greatest killer of all. If you can charm the audience, you can scare them much more in the end. Lothos is Buffy's worst fear and the biggest hill she has to climb. He represents all of the changes she has to make. He has been a vampire king for twelve centuries. He's a parasite of history. While he is undoubtedly evil, I believe he is also a very romantic character - a sentimental guy who falls in love with the face of purity in the guise of Buffy.

I like the light side. It's harder, and I like the dark side because I know the dark side. I'm not afraid of the dark side. I can go into it and it doesn't swallow me. I talked to a guy who, I think, is a real vampire. He doesn't know it. He comes from a different place. I looked at him very closely because I partially took his look. I have an image of a vampire as somebody who's always pulling his hair back into the past, like the shot in the Maxell (cassette type) commercial, but it's not the wind that's blowing. It's something pulling his hair. Paul and I talked about where we wanted to go with it and what it meant. I've been saying the rule to vampire is clear - we'll keep it down to earth. They're just like you and me. There's a lot of people who suck, you know?

Set Shots:


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