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Ted Nicolaou


Running Time: ...

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Philipe Gallo
Sean Young - Samantha "Sam" Kincaid
Michael O'Hagan - Professor Hyde-White
James Acheson - Jake Whitcomb
Gulshon Glover - Kabir

Ira Schwartz

An ancient tablet found by famous British Archeologist Professor Hyde-White is believed to be a roadmap to the legendary Lost Temple of Faramundi and its hidden treasures. But before he is able to set out on his expedition, the Professor, along with the tablet, is taken hostage by a group of mercenaries, led by the vicious Philipe Gallo.

When the Professor disappears, one of his students, Jake Whitcomb, finds the Professor's journal, inside of which is a copy of the map. Jake decides to take action.

Knowing that the legend of the Temple describes ancient mystical music as the key to unlock its secrets, Jake enlists the help of Samantha "Sam" Kincaid, an expert musicologist. The two are catapulted into the chase of their lifetimes in pursuit of the kidnapped Professor and the Lost Temple.

Nothing is easy for this pair. As Jake and Sam bicker throughout their trek across majestic India, they find Kabir, a museum curator who possesses an artifact which he claims can produce the musical tone required to open the door to the Temple. Throughout their journey they survive gun battles, vicious hand to hand fighting, vision blurring car chases and a heart stopping train wreck hundreds of feet above a rocky gorge.

Tired, bruised and out of breath, they finally free the Professor and arrive at the Temple of Faramundi scant minutes before Gallo and his men.

Inside the breathtaking structure, they discover wondrous artifacts of an advanced, but long dead, civilization. Amid a towering forest of shimmering crystals, they begin to explore this ancient marvel.

When the mercenaries catch up, Sam, Jake and the rest of their entourage find themselves in the clutches of the blood thirsty Gallo. However Gallo's men, in their rush to steal as much treasure as possible, trip the Temple's ancient, but deadly, security systems.

One by one, the mercenaries are eliminated by the Temple's defenses until only Gallo and our heroes are left. As the echo of Gallo's gun shots reverberate throughout the temple, the sound waves trigger the Temple's final defense, a sonic blast which sweeps across the Temple chamber, threatening to pulverize everyone to dust.

As they race through the corridors trying to escape the sonic wave, our heroes attempt to jump through the Temple doorway as it slowly closes and fight for their lives as the blast waves and Gallo closes in on them.

Will they survive? Will they ever be able to unravel the secrets inside the Temple of Faramundi? And the biggest question of all... can Sam and Jake survive each other?

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