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13 T.V. Episodes


Bram van Erkel


Running Time: 333'

Main Cast :
Lidy Sluyter - Sylvia Sommer
Peter Faber - El Loco
Rutger Hauer - John van der Velde
Lex Schoorel - Lucas
Ronald Carilho - Eddy
Eddie Marchena - Feliciano
Edison Bornachera - Chepito
Felix de Rooy - Laro

Anton Quintana

Episodes in which Rutger is performing:

Gomez and his wife return to Bonaire from a business trip, bringing someone with them who they got to know at the airport - a Mr John van der Velde - an attractive young man. He also turns out to be a fanatic diver and wants very much to join Eddy and Sylvia who, however, cannot really take anyone with them - they have, in fact, gone to look for the wreck of the Cucaracha where the diamonds must still be lying. Eddy - contrary to everyone's advice - wants to try to dive for these for El Loco. Just how dangerous diving can be is made clear when Sylvia gets caught in an old fishnet at a perilous depth and is just saved by the skin of her teeth. John van der Velde is also after a souvenir, a carving made by El Loco, whom he therefore honours with a visit - something the recluse doesn't value at all.

Because she's frightened that Eddy is risking too much by diving for the diamonds for his great friend El Loco, Sylvia tells El Loco, despite Eddy's urgent pleadings, what is going to happen. El Loco, in turn, now tells Sylvia that fatal, hidden secret of his life and the reason for his having given up diving for good. He had been there when Alma Aurs had gone diving at the wreck and when she had accidentally got trapped in it, he had been unable to free her. He had to save himself. Since then he had been living with a gnawing feeling of guilt that had more or less brought him to his present condition. He thinks a dive of 90 meters is too dangerous for Eddy and so he decides to go down and reach the wreck of the settle up once and for all with his nightmare as well as with the crime syndicate. THE SECRET OF THE CUCARACHA - 13TH EPISODE
Eddy is very surprised when El Loco suddenly decides to go with them, but there's no stopping El Loco once he has set his mind on it. The eager diver John van der Velde joins them too, partly as a diversion for himself, partly to help them out. Too late, El Loco realizes that John is none other than the dangerous Juan del Campo, who was to come to Bonaire to replace Feliciano. He has to dive into the sea to save Sylvia and there in the deepths a duel takes place which has to end with the death of one of the opponents. El Loco, the winner, dives deeper and deeper·to the Cucaracha, and toward his nightmare. Meanwhile, high above him, Eddy and Sylvia fall into the hands of Chepito and Laro who have boarded their boat. But thanks to the action of Lucas ashore, who manages to alert the coastguard, the situation changes. El Loco reaches the wreck. He finds only a dead body in the Cucaracha.. The diamonds get lost forever.


This movie was entirely filmed in Amsterdam and on the beautiful islands of Curaçao and Bonaire in the Caribbean Sea.

Rutger with Peter

Set Shots:

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