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Alicia Scherson


Running Time: 94'

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Maciste
Manuela Martelli - Bianca
Luigi Ciardo - Tomas
Nicolas Vaporidis - Libio
Alessandro Giallocosta - Boloñes

Alicia Scherson, based on "Una Novelita Lumpen" by Roberto Bolaño

Awards and Nominations:
2013 - Victoria TX Independent Film Festival as Best Actor
2013 - RxSM IV Film Expo as Best Actor
2013 - RxSM IV Film Expo as Best Feature Film
2013 - Victoria TX Independent Film Festival as Best Score


Following the sudden death of their parents, Bianca and Tomás are left orphaned in Rome. Their parents emigrated from Chile years ago to look for better jobs in Europe, leaving Bianca and Tomás with no family to call for help. They try to maintain a sense of normalcy, pretending nothing has changed. But ultimately the accident has shattered what once was their everyday lives.

One day, Tomás brings home two friends from the gym who end up moving into their parents’ bedroom. Bianca starts having sex with both of them, but is not in love with either one. The boys watch TV together and obsess over bodybuilding; Tomás tries to grow muscles and lose his virginity, while Bianca continues to work at the hair salon but sees no future there.

Once the money begins to run low, they come up with a plan to change their luck: to steal money from an old and blind actor named Maciste who used to star as Hercules in 1960’s movies. Maciste keeps all of his fortune in a safe at home as he doesn’t trust banks. They understand that without gaining his trust they have no access to his safe, so they use Bianca as bait, convincing her to initiate a sexual relationship with the enigmatic, blind hermit.

Maciste is a grandiose, aging B-movie star, living in a dark and labyrinthine house. As the two spend time together, Bianca unexpectedly finds normalcy and acceptance in the forged relationship she’s created. They talk about movies and whenever she can, Bianca walks around the house looking for the safe. But weeks pass and there’s no safe to be found. Tomás and the guys grow impatient and pressure Bianca to consider threatening Maciste.

Rutger's Notes:
'Il Futuro' is intensely beautiful. I was very happy and proud to be in it. Most of it is in Italian and will of course make distribution not so easy. Subtitles in English. But a very strong piece of word that has many things to say in subtle frames.

The director is very much a true filmmaker. She stayed very close to Roberto Bolaño's novel in tone and style.

A truly moving and complex story told with tons of feminine sense. Such a pleasure to see it go down. And such a smart package around two young orphaned teens. Such tristesse. And not one second of sentimental drab.

Manuela, the lead actress, so strong, so true in her broken heart. So painfully slow in opening up as the character. Photography and edit. Marvellous. Sigh. Too much to say and with too few words.

I hope it will do well when it hits Rotterdam Festival in a week or so. A film with the cold passion from an observing mind.

Alicia stated that '...since I first read Bolaño's 'Una Novelita Lumpen', I found it to be small and dense like a gemstone. An austere and concise work of contained emotions, a lucid and lean reflection about youth and despair in big cities. Its simple forms and precision is exactly what makes it so adaptable to film.... It tells the story of Bianca, a young woman who must face her parents’ death and start a long and dark voyage through poverty and prostitution. But this downfall into the 'lumpen' becomes a trip to adulthood, a clumsy and dangerous way to mourn, to accept death and face the future'.

Rutger with Bolaño's book

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