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Running Time: 8 episodes 60' ea.

Main Cast :
Joshua Sasse - Galavant
Mallory Jansen - Madalena
Timothy Omundson - King Richard
Rutger Hauer - Kingsley
Kenneth Collard - Dimwit Squire
Karen David - Isabella
Anthony Farrelly - Gentry
Genevieve Allenbury - Queen of Valencia
Vinnie Jones - Gareth
Luke Youngblood - Sid
John Stamos - The rival knight for Galavant
Hugh Bonneville - Peter the Pillager
'Weird Al' Yankovic - A monk
Ricky Gervais - Xanax the wizard
Anthony Stewart Head - A knight
Ben Presley - Jester
Darren Evans - Chef
Aubrey Parsons - Blacksmith

General Plot:
Galavant is the dashing hero who lost the love of his life, Madalena to the evil King Richard. Galavant is ready to take revenge and restore his 'happily ever after' through adventurous journeys and the twists and turns that go along with them.

Season #1 - Episode #1 - Pilot
Director: Chris Kock
Screenplay: Dan Fogelman
Plot: After Madalena dumps Galavant for King Richard, Princess Isabella tries to bring him out of his drunken state to save her kingdom.

Season #1 - Episode #2 - 'Joust Friends'
Director: Chris Kock
Screenplay: Dan Fogelman
Plot: Galavant and Isabella train for a local joust, where Galavant will face his old rival, Sir Jean Hamm. Meanwhile, King Richard tries to "man up" to get Madalena's approval.

Season #1 - Episode #3 - 'Two Balls'
Director: Chris Kock
Screenplay: Dan Fogelman
Plot: A trip to Sid's hometown proves he has not been truthful; King Richard throws a ball for the people of Valencia.

Season #1 - Episode #4 - 'Comedy Gold'
Director: John Fortenberry
Screenplay: Kat Likkel and John Hoberg
Plot: Galavant, Isabella and Sid must learn to see past their petty arguments and work together when captured by stranded pirates; King Richard enlists the Jester to help him be funnier.

Season #1 - Episode #5 - 'Completely Mad...Alena'
Director: John Fortenberry
Screenplay: Casey Johnson and David Windsor
Plot: Galavant, Isabella and Sid arrive at the castle, only to be captured; Galavant realizes Isabella has betrayed him; Madalena decides to take control of the kingdom.

Season #1 - Episode #6 - 'Dungeons and Dragon Lady'
Director: James Griffiths
Screenplay: Kirker Butler
Plot: Galavant forgives Isabella and they admit a mutual attraction; Chef takes King Richard to see a wizard in order to find out the reason for his psychological problems; Madalena calls Richard's older brother Kingsley to usurp the throne.

Season #1 - Episode #7 - 'My Cousin Izzy'
Director: Chris Koch
Screenplay: Scott Weinger
Plot: Richard and Kingsley agree to fight a duel, but with Galavant fighting for Richard and Gareth fighting for Kingsley; Isabella's cousin Harry shows up to rescue everyone and reveals that, though only a child, he's betrothed to Isabella; Chef and Gwynne plot to poison the royals.

Season #1 - Episode #8 - 'It's All in the Executions'
Director: Chris Koch
Screenplay: Kristin Newman
Plot: Galavant and Richard plot to assassinate Kingsley but are caught; Gareth helps Richard and Galavant escape with the agreement that Gareth will look after Galavant's friends and Galavant will look after Richard; Gareth allows Isabella, her parents, Chef, Gwynne, and the Jester to escape but keeps Sid as a hostage; Madalena stabs Kingsley in the back and offers Gareth the throne; Isabella seeks asylum with Harry, who locks her in a giant dollhouse.

Galavant is an American fairy tale-themed musical comedy television series created, written, and executive-produced by Dan Fogelman with co-executive producers Alan Menken, Glenn Slater (both also serving as songwriters and composers) and Chris Koch (who also serves as director) for ABC Studios. The series debuts on ABC during the 2014–15 television season. Season 1 has 8 episodes in total.

Rutger's character 'Kingsley' is the anointed successor to his father's rule and his very name reflects that. However, upon his father's death Kingsley refuses to claim the Sword of the King and to be crowned as the new lord of the realm. Instead he feels his fate belongs elsewhere and chooses the freedom to conquer, pillage and sow his wild oats in other lands. The responsibility of governing his father's kingdom then falls on to his younger brother Richard. In a show of contempt for his sibling, Kingsley grabs the Royal Sword just before it is officially handed to Richard. He taunts his brother by wishing him good luck before leaving with the sword to find his destiny...

Rutger rehearsing a scene with Josh Sasse (Galavant) and Tim Omundson (King Richard)

Set Shots:

Official Lyric Video - Cast of 'Galavant:

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