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T.V. Miniseries

David Carson and Herbert Wise


Running Time: 450'

Main Cast :
Kimberly Williams - Virginia Lewis
John Laroquette - Tony, Lewis
Scott Cohen - Wolf
Rutger Hauer - The Queen's Huntsman
Diane Wiest - The Evil Queen
Ed O'Neill - The Troll King Relish
Daniel Lapaine - Prince Wendall
Hugh O'Gorman - Burly the Troll
Ann-Margaret - Cinderella
Camryn Manheim - Snow White
Jeremiah W. Birkett - Blabbertwart
Warwick Davis - Acorn the Dwarf
Dawn Lewis - Bluebell
Robert Hardy - Chancellor Griswald

Simon Moore

After Virginia befriends a stray dog (who turns out to be a prince) on her way to work as a waitress in a New York restaurant, she and her father are transported through a magic mirror to the Land of the Nine Kingdoms - it's a collision between two worlds - on one side of the magic mirror there are these Nine Kingdoms of fairy tales, on the other side is the 10th Kingdom, the real world, our world.
In this alternate dimension, the evil Queen has escaped from the Snow White Memorial Prison and is trying to usurp Prince Wendell's throne.
Soon enough, father and daughter are being chased by the Troll King, his good-for-nothing offspring and the Queen's devilish Huntsman.
The humans are helped by the conflicted, half-man, half-wolf Wolf, who falls in love with Virginia.
As Virginia and Tony seek the magic mirror that will allow them to return home, Virginia realizes she's never dealt with her anger over her mother walking out on her family.
She's also falling in love with Wolf, who's desperately trying to tame the wild beast within.
With a little help from an older but wiser Snow White, Virginia comes to terms with her feelings about her mother.
By the end of the series viewers will have visited all ten Kingdoms and realize that most of all this series is a witty and satirical tale about our modern society.

Episodes Plots:
Episode 1
In a magic kingdom at the start of the 21st century, a wicked Queen turns Prince Wendell into a dog. To escape her evil clutches, Prince jumps through a magic mirror landing in New York (later named as the 10th Kingdom) at the feet of Virginia. Soon Virginia and her father Tony are themselves lost in the magic kingdom with a dog who is really a Prince, a man who is really a Wolf and three terrible Trolls who are never far behind.

Episode 2
Tony and Prince break out of the Snow White Memorial Prison and Wolf saves Virginia from torture at the hands of the Trolls. Tony and Virginia are desperate to find the magic mirror - their only route back to New York. The trail leads through a dense forest, where a gypsy puts a dreadful spell on Virginia, which results in her being captured by the Queen's ruthless Huntsman, who imprisons her in his sinister lair.

Episode 3
The 4th Kingdom is in turmoil; Prince Wendell is missing and the Troll King continues to run amok. After dramatically rescuing Virginia for a second time, Tony, Virginia and Wolf arrive in Little Lamb Village still on the trail of the magic mirror. Surrounded by plump sheep and voluptuous shepherdesses, Wolf struggles to keep his animal instincts at bay, but when young Sally Peep is murdered he is accused and, if found guilty, will be burned alive at the stake.

Episode 4
The magic mirror is found and then lost forever. Wolf experiences the pain and turmoil of true love and leaves his travelling companions. Closely followed by the Trolls and the Huntsman, Virginia and Tony seek a second mirror in Dragon Mountain but become trapped. Virginia is given guidance on how to defeat the evil Queen by a surprising source. Tony and Virginia embark on the last phase of their journey and the true identity of the Queen is revealed to them. It is someone they both know.

Episode 5
The glittering Coronation Ball is held where the impostor prince is to be crowned - the evil Queen is close to her goal of destroying the House of White forever. Tony, Virginia and Wolf sneak inside the castle where Virginia learns a terrible truth. Her resolve is to defeat the Queen and to come to terms with the past. Romance hits at the least expected moment and the seed for an intriguing future is planted, but that's an entirely story altogether...

This $40 million series, which combines many fairy tales from a huge variety of cultures, represents the satcaster's largest ever foray into original production.
It has been filmed over a seven-month period in England, Austria, Germany, France, and at London's fabled Pinewood Studios.


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