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T.V. Miniseries

Steve Barron


Running Time: 174'

Main Cast:
Sam Neill - Merlin
Miranda Richardson - Queen Mab, The Lady of the Lake
Rutger Hauer - Lord Vortigern
Helena Bonham Carter - Morgan Le Fey
John Gielgud - King Constant
James Earl Jones - Mountain King
Isabella Rosellini - Nimue
Martin Short - Frik
Paul Curran - King Arthur Pendragon
Jeremy Sheffield - Sir Lancelot du Lac
Lena Headey - Queen Guinevere
Mark Jax - King Uther Pendragon
John McEnery - Lord Ardent
Thomas Lockyer - Duke of Cornwall
Roger Ashton-Griffiths - Sir Boris

Edward Khmara and David Stevens

Awards and Nominations:
1998 - 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction, Outstanding           Costume Design, Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Outstanding           Make-up
1998 - 1 Worldfest Flagstaff Gold Award as Best TV Production
1998 - 11 Emmy Award Nominations for Outstanding Casting,           Oustanding Cinematography, Outstanding Directing, Oustanding           Lead Actor, Outstanding Miniseries, Outstanding Music,           Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing, Outstanding Sound           Editing, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Outstanding Supporting           Actress, Outstanding Writing
1999 - 4 Golden Globe Award Nominations for Best Mini-Series, Best           Performance by an Actor, Best Performance by an Actress
1999 - Young Artist Award Nomination for Best Family Film
          1 Casting Society of America Artios Award Nomination as Best           Casting for TV
1999 - 1 Directors Guild of America Award Nomination for Outstanding           Directorial Achievements in Movies for TV

This is the legend of King Arthur, seen with the eyes of Merlin, the Wizard. The story begins with Merlin being taught magic by the evil sorceress Mab. From that moment on, the story will be taken to a lot of times and places, where Merlin starts to battle Mab and the evil, bewitching Morgan Le Fey. He educates a future king and searches for the Holy Grail. It is also a lover story, as the master magician spends a lifetime in his quest for the love of his lady fair, the beautiful Nimue.

Rutger’s comments concerning his character, “Vortigern, the character that I play, is a big King, he’s been a king for 25 years and he has no qualms about it. In those times you didn’t become king by voting, you became king by grabbing the crown. It was difficult to find accurate information about Lord Vortigern. It was kind of rough, because there’s not a whole lot written about that period. At the same time, there are seven different versions of the same events. It was very nice to see how much craft went into it – into the costumes and the horses and the sets and all that kind of stuff. Everything has to be built, of course, and it was very nice. I think it’s going to be great!” (Mania Magazine, 1997).

Set Shots:


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