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Jonathan English


Running Time: 91'

Main Cast:
Tom Hardy - Theo
Michelle Van De Water - Raphaela
Tony Todd - Deucalion
Rutger Hauer - Cyrnan
Lex Shrapnell - Tyro
Jonathan Readwin - Danu
Maime McCoy - Morna
Lucy Brown - Didi
James Bradshaw - Ziko
Fiona Maclaine - Vena
Claire Murphy - Nan
Ingrid Pitt - The Sybil

Steven McDool and Nick Green

…"When the Earth was young and its mystery still concealed, all things dreamed were of the spirit, all things feared were of the beast".

In this forgotten age of iron and bronze there exists a village with a terrible curse. A tax. Every few years the village must give up eight youths to horned soldiers who take them across the sea to a dark and terrible isle. There they are sacrificed to a god that hungers upon the flesh of children.

Theo has never been taken, for he's protected by his father (Cyrnan) the leader of the village. No longer a child but not yet a man, Theo wrestles with his young conscience and with the fading memory of his long lost love, taken in the last sacrifice. Theo knows that soon enough the horned soldiers will come again, but this time will be different. This time, spurred on by the taunts of the Sybil and aided by his village rival, Tyro, they will go under disguise of the sacrificial youths. They will travel to the great palace, and there, they will kill the Minotaur.

At the palace Theo and the other youths are exposed to a world of hedonism and ritual beyond their minds. A temple of lust and power built on the fear of a god. But can gods be killed, can that of the spirit be slain?

In the vast catacombs below the palace, Theo finds the terrifying answer as the other youths are slaughtered, one by one. Stolen in the darkness, their cries ripped from the their throats, flesh torn from bone. Theo desperately tries to fight, to comprehend, until the monstrous reality of the Minotaur is finally revealed.

Based on one of the most popular Greek myths, "Theseus and the Minotaur" was the first ever horror story of ten youths fighting the monster.

The village square

Director Jonathan English has described the film as a prehistoric Alien and a teen horror movie set in 14th century B.C.


Rutger's Notes:
I must admit that the few wild days with the director Jonathan English starting the shoot of his long childhood's dream 'MINOTAUR" went by in a flash. Long and hairy hours indeed. I had tried the beastly beard already when in London earlier but now it was for real to be completed by bronze age rags and a Luxembourg creeping dampness along the concrete floors of the big studio mmmm. Grizzly and less then zen. Had to really work with broad strokes on the acting brush and see if any humour would fit in at all. The piece is almost Greek in terms of proportions. At least I got to kill an insane and gentle devil's spirit. In the shape of a woman. And with an ax. What else can one use in those brrrrronzy ages.

On my last night of a small week's shoot I got almost all actors to join me to have a bite in an Indian restaurant. That was nice, because one just does not get to see each other. They all were ready to start and I had just finished. Nice. Warm. Sweet. And Tony Todd fresh from LA with jetlag nagging.

Rutger during the make-up test

Set Shots:


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