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Short Film

Mattias Schut and Marc Pos


Running Time: 5'

Siem Stevens

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Alexander Stuyvesant

2250 A.D.

After years of crossing the dry plains of what was at one time the Netherlands, explorer Alexander Stuyvesant discovers the remains of the lost archives of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Once inside, the explorer is mesmerized by the historical footage he finds. Connecting himself to the archive’s motherboard, Stuyvesant is presented with an overwhelming array of historical television moments, filling the world around him.

Eagerly navigating through the archives, Stuyvesant is drawn into a highly charged, emotional journey through the iconic moments of Dutch television history, discovering a fascinating range of human emotions...

This short film is produced by CCCP ( and commissioned by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision ( The film will be broadcast every three hours daily (starting December 2, 2006) on a 42 by 4 meter screen in the Media Experience in Hilversum.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision houses and releases 70 % of the Dutch audio-visual heritage. This is, in total, around 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film.

Unique to the Netherlands and world-wide, there is no other public facility like the Media Experience which directly links to the archives. The youthful history of audio-visual media demands a new form of experience, and Sound and Vision focuses on this in their multimedia public facility. The link to the archives means that Sound and Vision is up-to-date and different each day.

Sound and Vision most closely resembles a fantasy town, just waiting to be explored by the visitor. Whether you want to lose yourself in dreams in front of images of bygone times, to produce your own program or to learn more about the relationship between power and the media, here everything is possible.

Rutger donated his participation fee to his non-profit organization (the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association) that supports children and pregnant women affected by the HIV virus.

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