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Sam Peckinpah


Running Time: 98'

Main Cast :
Rutger Hauer - John Tanner
John Hurt - Lawrence Fassett
Craig T. Nelson - Bernard Osterman
Burt Lancaster - Maxwell Danforth, the U.S. President
Meg Foster - Ali Tanner
Dennis Hopper - Richard Tremayne
Helen Shaver - Virginia Tremayne
Chris Sarandon - Joseph Cardone
Cassie Yates - Betty Cardone
Christopher Starr - Steve Tanner

Alan Sharp from the book by Robert Ludlum

John Tanner, host of the popular TV interview show “Face to Face”, wields considerable power and enjoys using it. As a muckraking television journalist, he whittles down his prominent guests before millions of viewers.
Tanner wants to corner CIA head Maxwell Danforth, a man with presidential aspirations, on his program. In order to get him, Tanner must cooperate with a dangerous CIA agent who convinces him, with evidence, that his three closest friends are Soviet spies.
It is indeed through incriminating video tapes that Fassett, a volatile CIA agent working with Danforth, ostensibly proves to Tanner that his friends are traitors. Tanner wants to know more, but Fassett won't reveal anything else until Tanner signs an Official Secrets Act. Convinced that Tanner is a righteous zealot about truth and justice, Fassett persuades him to try and turn his friends over to their side. Although Tanner's wife Ali is not aware of her husband's involvement in this covert scheme, she is not looking forward to the upcoming reunion with their old friends, an annual affair called "The Osterman Weekend". She is disappointed with how their friends have turned out - Joe Cardone is a financier who worships money and uses women, Dick Tremayne is henpecked by his cocaine addicted wife and isn't the good doctor he used to be, and Bernie Osterman has become a hack writer. Cardone's less-than-fulfilled wife Betty rounds out his suspicious gathering.
Deluded into thinking that he can control the forces actually manipulating him, Tanner must ultimately face these men and their wives throughout a long, tense and terror-filled weekend during which he and the others must fight for their lives.
Who is threatening them? Who can be trusted? Who will survive?

This is Peckinpah's last film. While shooting it, he was already very ill. He practically directed it with his eyebrows, as Rutger recalls.

This is the first of Ludlum's novels to be transferred to the big screen and it's also Rutger's first movie shot in the U.S. in which he plays the role of an American citizen.

Rutger's Notes:
I was totally on ice, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know who Sam was or how he worked. But after a couple of days I realized that Sam wants to be tempted and wants to be asked. Once that was settled, we started exploring the whole thing together. I had a lot of fun, and I think it's on the screen.

The book's Italian version and a Japanese leaflet promoting the film

Rutger with Sam and a German sheet

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