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David Webb Peoples


Running Time: 99'

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Sallow
Joan Chen - Kidda
Delroy Lindo - Mbulu
Anna Katerina - Big Cimber
Vincent D'Onofrio - Young Gar
Gandhi MacIntyre - Gandhi
Justin Monjo - Dog Boy
Casey Huang - Kidda's Father
Cecilia Wog - Kidda's Mother

David Webb Peoples

In a futuristic world, ravaged and laid barren by long-forgotten wars, the desperate multitudes struggle to eke out a meager existence. For the majority of the population living in squalid encampments and settlements pock-marking the wasteland, the day is consumed with the task of providing for that evening's meal. To them, life is a constant struggle for survival, with no time allowed for idle pleasure.
They have but one source of entertainment, of escape from their daily drudgery - the game!

Wandering teams of gladiators roam the scorched landscape, travelling to any settlement that can field a team to accept their challenge. In a fierce clash that resembles combat more than sport, Juggers, marked by the savage scars from the many wounds that all players can expect, don their armor and face the opposing team in vicious competition. The juggers led by Sallow - a banished League player who takes his squad from victory to victory - enjoy the boundless reserved for the winners - food, liquor, money and sex. It is after a particularly intense game, one that leaves Sallow's “quik” incapacitated, that the team allows Kidda, a high-spirited and sensual young opponent, to join them. Under Sallow's tutelage, she develops into a gifted player of the Game, as the team overpowers all challengers with increasing ease. From the other team members, Mbulu, Big Cimber, Young Gar and Gandhi, Kidda slowly learns more of Sallow's past, and how he was banished from the League of the Nine Cities for openly flaunting his relationship with Lady Mara, lover of one of the ruling Overlords of the Red City. While Juggers who succeed in the League are granted wealth and privilege and treated almost like the Uberalles, the elite “citizens” of the cities, Kidda is told that they are still outsiders and discretion in their behaviour is expected. Kidda and Young Gar, the “maser” bearer, dream of entering the League in the only way that outside Juggers can, through a challenge. After skilfully prodding Sallow, Kidda prompts him to lead the team to Red City to challenge its League team. As they approach their destination, Sallow is driven to prove himself to those that banished him.

The team enters the massive underground fortress known as the Red City, and after witnessing one clash between the Red and Black cities, they realize that the caliber of play here is very superior. The Overlord recognizes Sallow during the selection process and sees the opportunity to end his playing days forever, ordering the Red City champion, Gonzo, Sallow's former teammate, to cripple him. As Sallow and his team enter the arena, a massive coliseum with thousands of anxious and bloodthirsty spectators, the fear disappears from the hearts of the team, replaced by the determination to prove themselves in the League. This time they are competing for more than the honour and spoils of victory.
This time they are fighting for survival.

This film was shot in the wonderful Australian landscape.

This is David Webb Peoples's first directed movie. He is one of the screenplay writers of "Blade Runner".

A Japanese sheet promoting the film


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