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James Seale


Running Time: 88'

Main Cast:
Mark Dacascos - Ryan Beckett
John Rhys-Davies - Matthew Sallin
Rutger Hauer - Nelson, the USA President
Mark Rolston - Agent Kellaway
Rayne Marcus - Faith
Tamara Davies - Julie McGrath

Steve Latshaw

Underground nuclear bomb tests have created a shift in the Earth's Pacific Plate causing temperatures around the world to rise. With each centimeter, the heat intensifies.

Scientist Matthew Sallin observes first hand the dangerous effect the extreme climate has on the ice fields of Antarctica. Halfway across the globe on Cheju Island in the South China Seas, Sallin's estranged daughter, Dr. Julie McGrath, battles an intense volcanic eruption. Colonel Ryan Beckett is sent in to retrieve Dr. McGrath and bring her back to the United States.

Narrowly escaping with their lives, Beckett and McGrath are requested at a top secret conference by the President of the United States. President Nelson seeks a solution to the global threat. At the briefing, McGrath is reluctantly reunited with her father, Dr. Sallin. Both concur that the only way to stop the Pacific Plate from shifting further is by detonating a thermonuclear bomb underground at a strategically calculated location - ground zero: Los Angeles, California, the home of Beckett's teenage daughter, Faith.

Colonel Beckett, along with Sallin and McGrath, gather a team together as they speculate about the evacuation of Los Angeles. While Faith meets her Aunt Tara in the L.A. subway station, an earthquake strikes, creating more panic throughout the city. Beckett arranges a private swat team to pick up Faith and Tara and guide them out of the city to safety. But another earthquake hits as Faith and Tara are struck in traffic. Bursting open a gas line, a giant fireball tears through the tunnel. Tara shuts Faith in the trunk just in time before she is engulfed by the massive fireball.

Beckett and his team arrive in Los Angeles with their nuclear cargo. Accompanying them on their mission is Agent Kellaway, a dangerous man bent on carrying out the assignment at any cost. After escaping an ambush downtown, the team finally find their way to the Los Angeles River tunnel where they begin digging a hole for the bomb. Meanwhile, Faith is kidnapped by a religious psycho - Zero - who welcomes the end of the world.

Just as the team completes the digging, Dr. McGrath discovers something terrible. Reviewing the data and the current position of the Pacific Plate, she believes that they will need to detonate a second bomb as well. But this bomb must be at least ten miles away from the other. Sallin doesn't agree with her assessment and convinces the President to reject her theory. But, after more confrontations, Sallin reviews the data and supports his daughter's deduction. At this time, Beckett receives a pager message from Faith announcing that she is still in Los Angeles and is in trouble.

Disobeying his orders, Beckett ventures off with McGrath to find Faith and to set off the second nuke. Stopping anyone who gets in the way, Kellaway kills Sallin and then pursues Beckett and McGrath. Saving his daughter from the psycho, Beckett races against the clock to find the proper place to detonate the second bomb. Having explored the subway earlier, Faith brings her father and Dr. McGrath to a large, deep vent, where they decide to start detonate the nuke. But they don't know that they have been Kellaway, who is relentless with his orders. After threatening to kill Beckett and his daughter, Kellaway starts a fight with Beckett... as the countdown begins.

Pushing Kellaway down the 300 foot vent, Beckett, McGrath and Faith rush to get out of the city. Luckily, their pilot has been tracking them and picks them up with only seconds remaining. Both bombs explode at the same time decimating Los Angeles. President Nelson watches the monitor, hoping that the plan does not fail. The world watches and waits for the outcome...

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