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Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez


Running Time: 123'

Main Cast:
Jessica Alba - Nancy Callahan
Rosario Dawson - Gail
Elijah Wood - Kevin
Bruce Willis - John Hartigan
Benicio Del Toro - Jack Rafferty
Rutger Hauer - Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark
Michael Madsen - Bob
Mickey Rourke - Marv
Josh Hartnett - The Salesman
Jaime King - Goldie/Wendy
Maria Bello - Ava Lord
Clive Owen - Dwight

Robert Rodriguez, from Frank Miller's comics

This movie is based on Frank Miller's stories set in the fictional town of Sin City.

The destinies of three different people converge in the morally bankrupt metropolis: Streetfighter Marv trawls the darkest areas of town, looking for the person who murdered Goldie while she lay sleeping in his bed.

A photographer bent on revenge is blindsided by a cop's murder; and a policeman close to retirement is framed, and subsequently imprisoned, for a crime he did not commit.

After a poor Hollywood experience in the early-'90s, Frank Miller refused to relinquish the movie rights to any of his comic works, "Sin City" in particular. Robert Rodriguez, a longtime fan of the comic, filmed his own "audition" for the director's spot in secret. The footage, shot in early 2004, featured Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton acting out the "Sin City" short-story "The Customer is Always Right". He presented the finished footage to Miller with the proclamation: "If you like this, this will be the opening to the movie. If not, you'll have your own short film to show your friends." Miller approved of the footage and the film was underway. Rodriguez also screened the footage for each of the actors he wanted to cast in the film - all of whom are reported to have been instantly amazed.

Rodriguez, who credits Miller's visual style in the comic as relevant as his own in the film, insisted that Miller receive a "co-director" credit with him. The Directors' Guild of America would not allow it. As a result, Rodriguez resigned from the DGA, saying "It was easier for me to quietly resign before shooting because otherwise I'd be forced to make compromises I was unwilling to make or set a precedent that might hurt the guild later on".

Based on the graphic novels "Sin City" (this was the first of all the stories and originally had no title, but Miller has since re-named it "The Hard Good-Bye"), "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard", by Frank Miller. The infamous "opening footage" with Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton is from the Sin City short-story "The Customer is Always Right" from the "Babe Wore Red" collection.

Sin City was shot on a completely "digital backlot" (i.e. with all the acting shot in front of a green screen and the backgrounds added during post-production), thus making it one of the world's first "fully-digital" live action motion pictures.

Rutger as Cardinal Roark

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