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Paul Verhoeven


Running Time: 108'

Main Cast :
Hans van Tongeren - Rien
Toon Agterberg - Eef
Maarten Spanjer - Hans
Rutger Hauer - Gerrit Witkamp
Renée Soutendijk - Fientje
Jeroen Krabbé - Henkhof
Marianne Boyer - Maja
Peter Tuinman - Fientje's Brother, Jaap
Saskia ten Batenburg - Truus
Kitty Courbois - Arts

Gerard Soeteman

The story is set in the outskirts of Rotterdam harbor and follows the fortunes of five youngsters with a common interest in sex, roaring motorcycles, rowdy conversation and an over-abundant use of four-letter words.

The leading characters give rein to their feelings and get themselves into situations which are very direct. Their mentality is hard and romantic at the same time. They are as hard as nails, because they are confronted every day with their work, with reality and with one another. A girl becomes a Jesus-adept after a very active sexlife. Another boy makes a living by beating up homosexuals, and blackmailing them; he becomes a gay himself after he has been raped by a gang of four.

They fall in love with a woman who sleeps with almost anybody to advance her career in the fish-and-chips business. All of them are looking for a better life - she wants to get out of her business and run away from his brother, while they have a hero, the professional racer Gerrit Witkamp and they want to reach his level. But their lives are flat, they struggle to overcome their problems - handicaps, betrayals and homosexual inclinations. One of them meets with an accident and loses the use of his legs; sexually incapacitated, he commits suicide by driving his wheel-chair into the traffic on a highway.

The action moves from the race-tracks, where they are practising and carrying out stunts, to a disco-bar and, finally, to the fried fish and chips stand run by Fientje.

They all have impossible dreams that will hardly come true.


In this film Rutger makes a “guest appearance” in few scenes, as the motorbike champion Gerrit Witkamp.

Due to its sensational climaxes, "Spetters" was especially appreciated by youthful audiences, as is shown in the fact that it topped the list of Dutch successes during the first ten months of 1980, grossing $2,000,000 at the boxoffice in the first three weeks of release in Holland. This film also elicited protests and demonstrations, when shown, by the NASA-80, the Dutch 'Anti-Spetters' Campaign. Its premiere took place on February 29, 1980 at Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam.

The Dutch word 'Spetters' means oil-spray but also vaguely refers to an ejaculation.

Rutger with Renée and Jeroen and a Dutch promo sticker

An ad appeared on “The New York Times”

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