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Tony Maylam


Running Time: 86'

Main Cast :
Rutger Hauer - Harold “Harley” Stone
Neil Duncan - Dirk Durkin
Kim Cattrall - Michelle
Michael J. Pollard - The Rat Catcher
Steven Hartley - Foster
Dave Duffy - The Barman
Stewart Harvey-Wilson - The Killer
Alun Armstrong - Thrasher
Pete Postlethwaite - Paulsen
Ian Dury - Jay Jay
Roberta Eaton - Robin
Sara Stockbridge - Tiffany

Gary Scott Thompson

London, 2008: As the ozone shield continues to erode, the weather patterns across Europe are changing dramatically. For a river-based city like London, the effects are an ecological nightmare. The once-proud metropolis is the waterlogged victim of uncontrollable pollution, immobility, stagnation, disease, crime and disorder. But now a new kind of Evil stalks the rat-infested streets of the city: an inhuman killer, striking at will, is ripping victims apart and tearing out their hearts! Cold, calculating, unstoppable, it slaughters during the phase of the full moon, leaving a trail of blood and terror in its wake.
For maverick cop Harold "Harley" Stone it's something very personal. Gritty, bigger-than-life, and living on the edge by combining a strict diet of caffeine, obscene amounts of sugar, and raw adrenaline, he roams the backstreets and alleys searching, stalking, ruthlessly tracking his unseen foe. Stone shares a primal, psychic bond with the thing that murdered his partner and left him traumatized. Whenever the predatory killer is within striking distance, Stone's pounding heart betrays the creature's presence.

Stone follows the creature's trail of destruction across the city to a seedy nightclub owned by Jay Jay, where a beautiful young woman is torn to pieces almost under his nose. To make matters worse, her ripped-out heart is subsequently delivered to Stone packed in ice.
Police Chief Thrasher forces Stone to team up with a new partner - detective Dick Durkin, the embodiment of everything Stone hates: an academically-inclined rookie who believes in the truth, justice and superheroes. Do-it-by-the-comic-book Durkin thinks Stone is crazy; Stone couldn't care less what Durkin thinks.

But Durkin, an expert on serial killers, is persistent, dogging Stone's footsteps at every turn to the point of emulating his favorite comic book hero, The Black Masque, in their hunt to discover their first real clue, a Scorpio sign traced in blood on the ceiling. Durkin theorizes that the grisly murder is in some kind of bizarre way linked to astrology and the phases of the moon. Gradually, Stone edges closer both to his target and to Durkin, whom he begins to grudgingly respect. He also, once again, gets closer to Michelle, the wife of his murdered partner.
After the tragedy they sought mutual comfort starting a love relationship. Now reunited, the flame still flickers but, dangerously, the glow attracts the killer.

Desperate to make sense of the cryptic messages the creature taunts him with, Stone sinks deeper and deeper into a frenzied paranoia. When the trail leads to a morgue, Stone and Durkin glimpse the monster for the first time. What they see chills their souls and they unload a powerful array of firepower into the apparently unstoppable adversary.
Aided by the eccentric Rat Catcher, Stone and Durkin track the killer to an abandoned flooded subway station, deep beneath the city.
As the hunter becomes the hunted, the two killing machines - one human, the other beyond humanity - are set on an inexorable course towards a final, incredible confrontation between Good and Evil.

Laura Gregory, head of Challenge Films, declared that Rutger's short-notice casting was the turning point in making “Split Second”, “Rutger's interest in the project was what got it really cranking up. He read the script, rang the director while he was in mid-flight above Alaska and said 'meet me in LA in two days' time'”.

Rutger, Kim and Neil


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