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Simon Hansen & Sharito Copley


Running Time: ....

Main Cast:
Darren Boyd - Daniel Spoon
Rutger Hauer - Victor Spoon
Jason Cope - Conway
Ger Carey - Marshall
Edwina Elek - Hannah Marshal
Devlin Brown - Cope
Michael Dube - Laz
Shane Manie - Nicky
Aletta Bezuidenhout - Olivia Spoon
Ronald France - Stubbs
George Jackos - Savage

Simon Hansen & Sharito Copley

This is the story of Daniel Spoon. A young man searching for his identity and purpose in the world. He has been brought up to be civilized, compassionate and well-mannered. Yet his city and society is in a state of decay. Violent and petty crime is on the increase. Parents have increasingly less influence and control over the lives of their children. Money, power and sheer ruthlessness rule above all else.

In this self-indulgent world of sex, drugs, MTV and beauty magazines, resorting to violence is considered uncouth and barbaric. The concept of self-sacrifice has been reduced to Primetime TV shows.

Daniel has been on medications for most of his life. When he accidentally goes off it one day, he finds himself feeling more of everything. He finds it particularly difficult to ignore the selfishness, the abuse, the greed, and most importantly the violence that happens all around him all the time.

He soon speaks out against a minor case of injustice involving the Jackets - the cities organized crime syndicate. The Jackets don't appreciate it and pay him a visit late one night. While they are beating him, Daniel flies into a fight of rage and blacks out...

Daniel wakes up lying in his apartment on a soaking wet floor staring at two black shoes. Apartment flooded. Above his door is a huge hole in the ceiling. On the ground is an old hot water boiler that has fallen through the ceiling. A plumber searches for the mains. Next to the geyser lies one of the red jacket thugs. He is dead. Daniel has no idea what happened.

So begins Daniel's remarkable journey to discover his true destiny and purpose. Daniel realizes that despite the blackouts, he feels better and more alive when he doesn't take his medication. Despite the warnings, he remains off the medication and begins to explore ways in which he can control his blackouts.

Daniel survives two more blackouts, both with bizarre consequences. Through a series of mysterious events, he is introduced to the world of telekinesis and parapsychology and the dark underworld of the red jackets' criminal organization.

Daniel's father (Victor) is locked in an insane asylum. He suffers from the same medical condition as Daniel, and he hasn't seen his son in 20 years. He was forcibly taken to the asylum after deciding to go off his medication to try and control his blackouts on his own. He believes he is not crazy and doesn't act crazy. He believes he has a special ability and view of the world which is why the 'government' put him away. He is a man of wisdom and faith, but he moves into fevered fanatism when talking about the condition he shares with his son and the reason he was locked up.

So, desperate to understand what is happening to him each time he blacks out, Daniel reluctantly investigatges whether it is truly possible to move things with the mind. As he continues his adventure, and gains more control of his life, Daniel is forced to face one of the most disturbing questions a young man can ask: is there anything for which I am prepared to die?...

Rutger on the set

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