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Short Film

Rutger Hauer


Running Time: 5' 33"

Main Cast:
Angela Bandini - The Mother
Francesca Matrundola - Dancer
Francesco Borelli - Dancer
Sara Farinelli - The HIV+ Daughter
Pelé - The Dolphin
Bravo - The Dolphin
Ulisse - The Dolphin
Golia - The Dolphin
Bonnie - The Dolphin

Story and Narration :
Rutger Hauer

Ludovico Einaudi

This 'work-of-heart' is about an orphaned child and the enormous threat the AIDS epidemic means to our future.

Rutger's Notes:
(from the 'Starfish Tango' Anthology)
There are many descriptions of the Tango... 'A conversation between two people', 'Sadness transformed in dance', 'A vertical expression of a horizontal desire', 'A rhythmic force that develops strikingly to the point where it dissolves into something soft and sweet'... and the latter is likely the one that fits the 'Starfish Tango' because of the meaning it aims at expressing. With this in mind, body and soul I set out to shoot a short movie. It was to be an experiment with myself, with the camera, with a great bunch of volunteers and a young dance group from Milan. It would be a visual story that could tickle people's senses using my craft as the tool, so to speak.

It was to cost as little as possible to prove that it can be done if people want to do it. It would be about AIDS. It would be light in tone. And ultimately, and hopefully, it would be about how all of us feel about this disease...

The film would have many aspects (some hidden, some plainly visible) - in terms of COLOURS (red, which carries so many symbolic meanings in connection with AIDS: its ribboned symbol, the blood it infects), MUSIC (soft piano melodies donated by the great composer Ludovico Einaudi), SHADOWS (AIDS continues to cast its long shadows around the world), OCEAN (which we all carry in the veins of our origin - its continued source for life and death, its phenomenal force) and PEOPLE, because we all are just here, and now, overwhelmed by this plague.

Some screen shots

Some behind-the-scenes photos

Rutger's Video Comments:

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