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Jorge Montesi


Running Time: 92'

Main Cast:
John Mann - Slade Craven / Simon Flanders / Craven 2
Monika Schnarre - Erica Black
Craig Sheffer - Nick Watts
Rutger Hauer - Co-Pilot Macintosh
Gabrielle Anwar - Kate Hayden
Joe Mantegna - Frank Garner

Wade Ferley

The Web-TV caster Z-Web TV organizes a live Internet broadcast of the farawell concert for the death metal rock superstar Slade Craven aboard a B-747 airplane flying from Los Angeles to Toronto.

In the meantime, on the ground the FBI agent Kate Hayden is pursuing Nick Watts, a computer hacker who is trying to hack into a direct satellite feed of the 747 concert. Kate gets to Nick in that very moment, and she sees on the monitor what looks like a murder: apparently the rock star has shot point blank the B-747 pilot.

Not believing their eyes, Kate and the computer hacker (who is also a fan of Craven) start working together to find some clues, and they discover that one of the fans on the airplane has connections with the "Guardians of the Gateway", a Satanic cult that believes in a prophecy that foretells a cataclysm of fire will lead 10 million followers into a new millennium where the world will be ruled by the Devil.Kate and Nick realize that the cataclysm of fire will be the plane crash targeted at a small church in Stull, Kansas, known to be the "Seventh Gateway to Hell".

In the meantime, aboard the plane, terrifying things are going on - the passengers are discovering that with their tickets they have bought more than a rockin'-in-flight concert - they have bought a flight to hell!The fanatic terrorists flip off the auto-pilot and change the plane route.

Kate and Nick are now the only ones who can try to help a now disenchanted rock star regain control of the plane and of his own life, in a terror-increasing, suspence-filled climax.

In this film Rutger appears in a cameo role as the co-pilot of the doomed plane and he gives a top-notch performance, adding complexity and a touch of horror to his role. Rutger stated,"It's like a very bad dream. The whole arc of the character is that you are on one foot and you never see it coming. This element of surprise, to catch the audience off guard, is something I find intriguing and something I strive for in all my performances. I liked how the whole Internet element was integrated into the story. It was not there just to pander to the fifteen year old fans, and it certainly wasn't your standard hands on the keyboard tapping away kind of image so prevalent in films with this subject matter."(Trimark Production Notes).

"Turbulence 3" was filmed on location in Vancouver (Canada).

Rutger on the set


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