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Gary Sherman


Running Time: 100'

Main Cast :
Rutger Hauer - Nick Randall
Gene Simmons - Malak Al Rahim
Robert Guillaume - Philmore Walker
Willian Russ - Danny Quintz
Mel Harris - Terry
Susan MacDonald - Louise Quintz
Hugh Gillin - Patrick Donoby
Jerry Hardin - John Lipton
Robert Harper - Dave Henderson
Eli Danker - Robert Aziz
Gerald Papasyan - Abdul Renza

Michael Patrick Goodman and Brian Taggert

Bounty hunter Nick Randall, a former CIA agent, “collects” society's low-lives for a very hefty price. Randall is a loner with few friends besides his girlfriend Terry and Danny, a lieutenant of the L.A. Police Department. Nick has his home aboard a small houseboat. His office, which is inside a warehouse, contains a shooting range, a complete work-out area, a computer and high-tech artillery. When Randall returns to his houseboat after capturing a highly wanted criminal, he is greeted by Terry and she presents him with a special gift : an antique harmonica from the days of bounty hunter Josh Randall, Nick's great grandfather. The two then share a romantic evening together.
Meanwhile, the international terrorist Malak Al Rahim has entered Los Angeles with diabolic plans. He starts blowing up a movie theater, killing 138 people. Phil, Nick's friend from his CIA days, arrives at the houseboat the morning after the explosion to offer Randall a proposition : the CIA wants to hire Randall to stop Malak. Only Nick can stop him. Randall agrees. As Randall pursues his quarry, he is also being used as bait, without his or Phil's knowledge, by CIA agent Lipton. But Nick is detemined to lose the surveillance that's been placed on him. In the meantime, Malak blows up Nick's houseboat while Terry and his friend Danny are on it, but everybody believes that Nick is on it. Nick, now also looking for revenge, tracks Malak down to a chemical factory where the terrorist plans an explosion that will kill tens of thousands of people. An action-packed chase through the plant ensues as the film races to an explosive and memorable final confrontation between Nick and Malak.

In 1958 a young actor, Steve McQueen, portrayed bounty hunter Josh Randall in a TV western series called “Wanted - Dead or Alive”. Twenty-eight years later Rutger is modern-day bounty hunter Nick Randall, the great-grandson of McQueen's Josh Randall.
This is the first U.S. film in which Rutger's name is indicated above the title.

A “Wanted - Dead or Alive” Japanese theater ticket


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