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Byron W. Thompson


Running Time: 94'

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Grekkor
Joanna Pacula - Elizabeth of Cooke
Arnold Vosloo - Luke
Charlotte Avery - Eve
Nick Brading - Sir Thomas
Molly Culver - Hunter
Kristina Kaubryte - Loren
Sander Kolosov - Peter
Geoff Parish - William
Greg Scopino - Priest
Rimante Valiukaite - Sybil
John Vernon - Ansgar
Sewell Whitney - Father Charles
Nina Young - Rachel
Vaidotas Martinaitis - Surgeon

Byron W. Thompson

1191 AD. Elizabeth of Cooke, a beautiful and valiant warrior, returns from the Crusades to discover that her son Peter has been taken by vicious outlaw Grekkor, an ex-lord wreaking havoc throughout the land.

Elizabeth sets out on her own to locate and save Peter. As Peter's strong fighting spirit captures the attention of Grekkor, who grooms the reluctant fighter to become a prized outlaw warrior, Elizabeth travels to Grekkor's camp. On her journey she joins forces with the strong and loyal Hunter, the gypsy barmaid Sybil and beautiful Eve.

Together they are the Warrior Angels, united in their mission to wreak vengeance on the evil Grekkor and rescue Peter from his maniacal clutches.

Rutger's Notes:
I'll tell you about the BAD medieval BOY in the making for Warrior Angels. The girl is Joanna Pacula. She is working with me here. Again. I love her. Not just for that great voice. She plays a Joan of Arc kind of mother who felt it her duty to join in the Crusades but she left behind a nine-year old son. I play a nobleman who has tumbled from grace a long time ago and who steals most of the land that his father used to own but decided to leave to the Church rather than to his son.

On these plunderings he happens to steal also the boy and fathers him for a year. As the Joan of Arc / Crusadeswoman / Mother returns, she finds that her son has taken a liking to his "fathering boy" and isn't dying to go home with her. She lures Grekkor into the old ruins of her castle. While they fight their swords to the hilt he tries to convince her about "happily ever after" and death does do them part. So we definitely kick some serious medieval asses (and Joanna kills me even more). The camera sees them now and then. Anyway.

She's a good sport. I tell you, swordsfights are even harder than doing nudescenes. Between the two of us, we broke four blades of our swords. I hit her twice on her head with my blade which isn't fun. The rain was still drizzling down for the fourth day in a row. My horse takes a crap when we shoot close-ups and later steps on the big toe of my right foot which is trying to escape in my boot. How to explain the feeling.... They have different horseshoes here. For some reason. If you have never experienced this before I wouldn't recommend it, but it's definitely one of the dumbest feelings. Inside your head, I mean. Physically, of course, it hurts like crazy. The cameras are rolling but acting-wise there is not much to make out of this because the stupid horse is standing on your stupid foot. I know this really well by now because it has happened to me before. And still, I do the same thing as I did before - I try to push this cow of a horse over. Away from my toe. I'm pretty strong, but then, so is the horse. These animals don't understand this kind of direction anyway, they just lean into you more than before so its full weight is leaning on your foot even more. OOOUUUCCCHHH. Don't practice this at home.

Anyway, I like the way I make my living. Dull is just not in its vocabulary. One of my earlobes looks rather excited but it is infected because the one earring I wore for the part of Grekkor caused an infection... It should have been made out of gold but wasn't.... My toe is in relative good shape and bruisy blue. The sand underneath saved the day...

Set Shots:


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