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Rodney Gibbons


Running Time: 92'

Main Cast:
Rutger Hauer - Dr. Sam Chaney
Pam Grier - Detective Della Wilder
Romano Orzari - Detective Harlan Lee
John Dunn-Hill - Captain Jerry Crandall
Eugene Clark - D.A. Marlowe King
Richard Robitaille - Ricky Harwell
Simone-Elise Girard - Sophie Gorka
Frank Schorpion - Harry Perl
Serge Houde - Walker Grimes
Sasha Dominique - Lisa Sears
Greg Kramer - Dugald Ferdinand
Linda Smith - Barbara Pieczkowa

Terry Abrahamson

Della Wilder, a sexy, sharp-tongued single mom and maverick cop, considers it a job perk to torment all women-abusing men who have the misfortune of crossing her path.

She and partner Harlan Lee are assigned a case that at first glance seems clear-cut: the murder of a woman who had destroyed the career of her gynecologist and lover, Dr. Sam Chaney.

As they delve deeper, however, they stumble upon a demonic conspiracy by deadly and omnipotent Bennett Pharmaceuticals.In way over their heads and unable to convince the D.A., Marlowe King, to pursue the case, Harlan and Della turn to quick-witted, charming Dr. Chaney for assistance.

As they get closer to uncovering the truth, Della and Chaney fall for each other. And solving the case becomes a matter of survival for the unlikely couple.

Asked to explain his take on the comic, quirky, romantic gynecologist, Rutger replied, "First and most important, I decided the humour of such an extreme character had to come through. Here's a guy who finds the woman of his dreams in the most unlikely place. As soon as he sees her he knows she's perfect for him, but also knows that if he pushes her she'll never give him the time of day. He knows that she'll eventually be in his arms but every time he tries to move it in that direction his efforts are frustrated because the thriller part of this movie keeps getting in the way! This film is such a great combination of thriller, quirky comedy and silly romance. Pam has this tough African-American chick thing going on and my role is the dry European doctor type, a gynecologist no less! It's such a great premise and there are so many hilarious one-liners".

This is how he prepares for a role, "Basically, I read the screenplay many times and have learned to trust my instincts and make it up. It's important not to take preparation too literally; no matter the role, it's all make-believe, born out of imagination. You'll never see me lose myself in a part by bringing it into my real life. That's a different technique, and I don't want any part of this kind of contrived nonsense. It's just not necessary. I'll talk to the director and see where he wants it to go. Then I start making decisions about the details - the way he looks, moves, dresses, walks. The more you practice constructing the details of a character, the faster and more complete the process becomes. In the last 7 or 8 years I've gotten it down so that by the first day of shooting I'm totally prepared for the unexpected. The inevitable truth of acting is that there will always be variables totally out of your control like the other actors' performances and capabilities, the logistics of the set, so you have to know your character well enough to switch gears while remaining consistent. In the past I used to fight everything - the material, director, the process... My performances were born out of anger and friction. Probably because I'd get to the set and wouldn't really have a clue. This has completely changed. No matter what's thrown my way I always know where I'm going, because of this blue-print that I create. The director usually doesn't know where I'm going to take it but this is an actor's privilege. I love that. As far as this film is concerned, I soon liked the screenplay, the fun and the wit, and the mature love story. I have an affinity for half heroes - the types who are ordinary people but in one moment of their lives they decide to do something really excellent only to then return to their ordinary existence - like Woody Allen's characters, really. Dr. Chaney is a half hero as is Pam's Della, and they are half heroes together. Pam's terrific. She's the same way - gets to set and works everything out quickly. She's extremely generous."(Moonstone Entertainment Production Notes).

Rutger with Pam

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