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A Special Wish
© by Lucky Le Chat (Sharon Remackel)

U are my best-est friend an' I've a po-em fur U

If anudder cat sleeps in da bed, I noes U loves dem two.

U cared a lot fur me an' I NOES I wuz loved

An' doe I'm not wid ya' now, I watch fum above.

U gave me special fancy feast treats ta eat

An' kept da litter-box smellin' real sweet.

U laughed when I'd try to cuddle on yur chest

An' I purred on yur lap when yur thoughts were stressed.

Sometimes ya thought I wuzzn't listen two U

When U yelled at me fur annoyin' things I wood do.

Butt, guess what? I wuz jus' playin' a game.

'Cause I loved two hear ya' sayin' my name.

When ya slept in da bed I was der at yur side

An' did ja see who snuggled close when ya' cried?

Of course, U did, 'cause we're da best-est of friends

An' I noes, U noe dat in time broken hearts mend.

Now, dere's noe way I wants ta make U feel sad,

I jus' gots ta tell U what a FAN-TAS-TICK thing we had!

I love U completely, dat fur sure is true

Learn frum my love, dat's my best-est wish fur you.

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