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The Call of the Wolf
© by Author Unknown

In the darkness of the forest
A lone wolf smells the air,
Glistening in the moonlight,
The wind runs through his hair
The night is dark and starry;
The moon is full and bright
The ground is cold and silent,
Covered in pure white.
The wolf is tense and quiet,
Preparing for sunrise,
When he'll start to run again;
He must be brave and wise.
He's always had to move away
From every home he's known,
For humans come and take his land,
And they have grown and grown.
So once again he's on the run,
Searching for a place
Where he can live in solitude,
And humans leave no trace.
It may not ever happen,
Or maybe it will soon,
Then you may hear him howling
In the darkness of the moon....

Submitted by Pat Nickel

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