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Hollow Eyes
© by Devorah Pringle

I walked into our local bar
Yes it still reaks of old cigar

I looked around the long narrow room
Yes it's still frequented by oafs & baboons

I sat down in the closest leather chair
Yes the same cliquish people (sycophants?) drink there

I stonily gaze straight ahead
Yes over the frantic bartender's head

I soon see such sad grey hollow eyes
Yes the kind that hides deep cries

I thought back to another girl
Yes the one caught in dervish whirls

I remembered last summer again
Yes your band booked this smoky den

I hazily remember those stoney eyes
Yes except back then they were pool blue energized

I recognize her sunken face today
Yes except back then it reflected sunny rays

I look up now into her gaze
Yes its one of brick red rage

I don't know who that lost girl has become
Yes her fire died when your "love" was done

I stumble away from this time warp of a place
Yes to forget about my wrestles w/ the human race

I motor away rapidly in my tiny blue car
Yes thoughts are still with those eyes at the bar

I can't say I am surprised
Because in my rearview are those same hollow eyes

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