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The Sound of One Universe Beating
© by Morty Sklar

The heart performs, each second
what the universe hasn’t yet accomplished
in two billion years.
Chuck says there’s a frequency whose sine wave
spans the continental U.S.A.

I lost my gloves
somewhere in the universe two days ago,
probably at the movie theater. But I don’t mind
part of me remaining at “The Iceman Cometh”
—I liked everything connected to it,
even my old shoes and gray beard. People
is all I don’t like—a lot of people a lot of the time.

What would it be like on earth
alone? I think I could handle it
—like having my own apartment the first time at twenty,
so free so alone with everything,
heart beating in a time that passes so quickly
that slowing it down takes kilocycles of sine waves
vibrating at my side
in a song.

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