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Eyes Through the Mirror
© by Kathryn Harper

Was it the sun’s warm rays
or the warmth of a heart
flowing from the mirror in the car ?
Was it the glass reflecting
two eyes that smiled
or the vision of things to come ?
Was it I who saw him
or he who saw me--
two souls reaching out unknown ?
Was there anything there
in the mirror at all;
or a dream not dreamt by one ?
Perhaps it was all;
perhaps just one glance
in the mirror
spoke volumes to both.
I spoke; he smiled.
I smiled, he spoke--
we shared the same space in time.
Though brief as it was
I turned as I left
wondering if he could be mine.
Was it the warmth of his heart
overshadowing mine
or my heart drawing him to me ?
Did our spirits connect
for one brief interlude
or was it a reflection of myself
I saw there in the shadow of his eyes ?

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