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The Stars and the Moon
by Cheryle

If the world was all mine
to hold in my hands
and to choose from its many delights
all I would want
is the stars and the moon
and a kiss on the beach in the night
hand in hand I would stroll
with the man that I love
past the dunes neath the heavens on high
and the stars they would twinkle
and the moon it would shine
as the wind brushed my hair with a sigh
he'ld hold me close
as he looked in my eyes
caressing my face with his hand
and my heart would be beating
as fast and as fierce
as the surf as it pounds on the sand
then slowly--so gently
his lips would touch mine
and nothing on earth could compete
with the stars and the moon
and the man that I love
with a kiss on the beach
I'm complete.

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