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Bought and Sold
by PerPer

So clever, so clever, we’ll turn lead into gold.
But not as before, through research and thought.
Hell, that’s not the way that old story is told!

Now we bottle the rain, and all of nature’s stuff,
then sell it back to us stupid sods! Hey, it’s easy,
‘cause we’re never ever calling the sinister bluff!

So who cares if things once were free and for all,
hell, let’s face it: corners will have to be cut! Someone
will make a fortune out of someone else’s fall.

We never do learn from history, and now even less,
as power and money are glued to each other,
walking hand in hand, never having to confess.

Build the Tower of Babel, or make a big Faustian deal,
collateral damage awaiting, when it rains it pours!
Just get Florence to mend us, and she’ll help us to heal.

Well, in the end that’s not enough and it’ll never do,
but from here you can actually go further, beyond,
as all that it takes is for you to loudly say “No!!!”…

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