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Through Seasons
by Sinnaminsun

Just a sliver, the paling moon
above alights the way,
Guide to where all passion flows
amidst where love last lay.
Doubt no more the wind that calls
for soon you're carried far,
Just above the stars on high
look down from where you are.

See cities a'lit like flames
now spark into night's sky,
Drift until the moon once slim,
grows full within your eyes.
Onto autumn's leafy burn
you'll sense that he is there,
Take-in harvest's golden hues
upon midnight's brisk air.

Holding back last summer's sigh,
make way for fallen leaves
Enter in his lair grown deep,
with piles of broken dreams.
Wake him when the full moon smiles
then tell him of your ways,
Whisper when he's close enough,
to warm his coldest days.

Hold him through when hopes are low,
And tears fall lower still...
Find that smiling midnight moon,
Alight his life you fill.

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