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The Wish
by Carey Borgens

The Milky Way speckles the raven night

Where the stars gleam glorious and bright

Where a wayward wish is cast into the breeze

To ride the waves of a large, distant sea

White dreams and red hearts afar

Know the journey of a shooting star

For on its back a wish catches a ride

And on and on it glides

In the dark, the wish begins to sing

Upon certain ears, the chorus rings

For blackened hearts, the words are lost

For love cannot thrive in gloom and frost

A brilliant, beaming, blazing slide

of sunlight carries the wish inside

an open heart is now journey’s end

To this soul the wish descends

Years in the damp, foggy, blue mist

Time forgot not that we exist

The wish circled and danced the golden skies

Waiting to hitch that certain ride

To me or you it matters not

Who made the wish that was never lost

But the wish united you and me

Across that large, distant sea.

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