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Dying Star
by Sinnaminsun

On frosted lips, this kiss preludes the freeze...
As wanton dreams sink swollen hopes
Now dragging at my knees.

Upon this golden ice that longs to melt
in sunlight's gleam,
It seems I will forgo the wish, that cast you in my dreams.

Through seasons this wish once lay
Like a seed under the snow,
And all the while you walked upon, as each new day had shown.

On ice, on green, through muddied field
No land would slow your stride,
In barren space you found no trace, but my star therein did shine.

So bring your ashy snow in fall, take autumn full away
As wrestling leaves come stirring in
my dreams that never wake.

On fiery sparks that dance and lift beyond this full moon night,
I fly between my want and need
to burn within your sight.

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