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My Dear Rutger
by M. Reese

Edgar was his name
I could not help but think of Edgar Allan Poe

He whispered my name across the air waves

A gentle soul was he

A fair headed beauty in all his glory
Funny I never was attracted to blonds

He first came to me with wet rain dripping down his face
My breath was stopped short

He moved his mouth to speak and my soul was taken
I knew this man

He was the one that made the blood run hot through my veins
He was the man that sent waves of energy to the tips of my fingers
This was the man I have known forever
The one that would hold me through time

He walked passed me and looked me in the eyes
I took ten steps while my eyes moistened with tears

My heart felt warm and true
He was a magic man

He left me with the same blur that the white winged doves leave behind as they flutter away
I could not help but think ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Somehow we stand suspended as we should be
With some regret I knew we were just strangers

He whispers to me and I know I can wait
Somewhere in time he will reach for my hand as he always had before

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