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Daisies Amaze Me
© by Susan Kugler

He loves me
He loves me not
Pick the petal
From the Daisy slot
One by one
It’s sort of fun
If it lands on “not”
You can get a second shot
Now, on them blow
Or into the wind them throw
And watch where they go
If two float down together
You’re in Heather
Birds of a feather
Tied together
Like a tether
But if it says, “You lose”
You can choose
To do
The right thing
And give back the ring
Not to take a second chance
Where there’s no romance
You can try
But the Daisies don’t lie
If you’re not true
They’ll see through you
Don’t be fake
You’ll just cause more heartache
Don’t be phony
I never did like baloney
You can’t hide
What’s really inside

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