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The Puppet Giant
© by Rob Brenckman

A puppet giant on a throne of jade
Ruled over the many by which he was made
In the name of the righteous the giant enslaved
The objectionable many he was crafted to save
With rule and logic, pen and might
He fashioned a prison to warrant his right
Then with his sword, blind and just
He imprisoned the scorned for their intentions and lust
The innocent too fell upon his blade,
Yet the many forgave him for the ones he saved.
In defense of his mantle the giant then made
Punitive decrees that the many obeyed
The many grew docile, placid and weak
And soon did not move less the giant should speak
Lost and forgotten by the giant’s loud chants
The paltry many now had not a chance
A tyrant with strings, the giant now grew
puppeteer’d by elite and capitol few
His pilots grew gluttonous, fat and corrupt
And they traded the treasures the many stored up
The throne of jade was soon sold away
And replaced by the homes of the many who’d made

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