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Night Visions
© by Susan Kugler

Night visions coming to me
That I can't perceive
Am I to believe
The illogical events
That make no sense
With their false pretense?

It seems
These are dreams
Of the most confusing kind
That fill my mind

What do these unseen
Messages mean?
Is there any reason why
I should dream of you saying goodbye?

What are they
Trying to say?
We're together at the picture show
And somehow I know
How it ends
And then

The curtains have drawn closed
And there I stand posed
I'm fully exposed
For all to see
And stare at me

And yet you can see through my body too
I'm starting to come unglued
So my heart beats faster
What a disaster!

I suppose
Everyone knows
That you chose
Not to stay with me
Yes, they can see

What I could not
I'm on the spot
Or is this too a plot?

Because if we're pretending
I'd like to rewrite the ending

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