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Never Again
© by Sue Kugler

I could feel the pain ripping through my chest
Like someone had stabbed me between each breast
As I lay there crying
I felt as though I were dying
Feeling the blood slowly seeping
With no end to my weeping

And with each sobbing tear
The pain became more severe
I could not breathe
Could not believe
That you would ever leave

The pain became unbearable
More than terrible
I was not a person
Just a big heap of despair
Gasping for air
Each moment would worsen
Nothing on this Earth could compare

With this black bottomless hole I felt
I was sure I would melt
There was never to be
Anything more of me

If it rained for a thousand years
That would not be close to all my tears
If all the days became night
This could never compare to the heights
Of the agony I felt hopelessly trapped in
I was sure no desert had ever been
As desolate as I now was
I faced a world of desertion and cold
Alone and old

There was never again to be
Someone with a key
To unlock my broken heart
Never again
We were to always be apart

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