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Mad Sense
© by Beatriz MP

That city in the centre of a land
that every summer high heat stands
and oftenly misses the rain
is known as the Capital of Spain.
An observer of many people
in pain that don't complain
as their voice is hidden by the noise.
I wont´t get ride of Madrid
when I am staying abroad
I'll be walking in the same road.
Lately and lost in my regular route
met someone with some courage
challenging the steps of the age
although it looked like rage
but with no intention of causing damage.
A strong walker and a hard talker
with the words of a fade poetry
in the aim to state the reality
that many live and don't tell.
Those verses truly sounded rude
and their listeners acted like a prude
as kind reactions avoid worse actions
in a sad or unfair situation.
Uncontrolled emotions
can make anyone look mad.
In a state out of conscience
it doesn't seem to be bad
and somehow it made sense.
Mad is the airport of that
city and this thoughtful place.

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