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A Million Years Could Never Change
© by Sue Kugler

A million years could never change
A mighty Earthquake could never rearrange
No catastrophe known to man could ever find
A way to make me change my mind

Temperatures hotter than the Sun
Nor floods nor fires
Could ever quench my desire
There’s nothing on this Earth
That could ever change your worth

Even if you slapped my face
It could not erase
All the feelings in my heart for you
There’s absolutely nothing you could ever do
That would make me stop loving you

If you stole everything I own
And took it to your home
If you never spoke to me again
Or told me you were no longer my friend
If you never again looked my way
That would be okay

Because, darling, it’s true
I’ll never stop loving you
No matter what you put me through
Because as long as there’s a you

There’s always and forever a chance
That it might come to romance

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