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Heard It All Before
© by Susan Kugler

Nothing new under the Sun
That anyone
Can say
That we haven't heard before
Nothing new today
Nothing new in store

Go away
Love you lots
Heard that before
I'm tied in knots
For evermore
Shut the door
Here's some more

Oh, please
I'm down on my knees
God, bless that sneeze

Beautiful day
Lord, I pray
There it is
He'll get his

Know what I mean, Jellybean?
Without a doubt
A man with clout
Show me the money
That's so funny

May I have some more?
Knock on my door
If only I could
I could get used to that
Do bears live in the woods?
Imagine that!

We're creatures of habit
With all that being said
It's impolite to grab it
Seems we're just creatures of habit!

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