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A Brave Slave to Save
© by Beatriz MP

When in those races on the surface,
there was nothing to look forward.
When the fence of your heart is your talent
facing respect is the most valuable award.
Sad emotions can not be hidden inside,
captured from the water like a fish,
struggling to be out of somebody's dish,
should be served with dignity and pride.
If you ever feel like giving up your life,
take a good rest in the valley of light.
The sun will never disappear,
unless it hides under the sea.
Games are flames of insecurity,
melting but not beating purity.
Shame is a passenger to some destiny,
blame won't be buying or selling eternity.
Bullying is cheap but the costs are high,
same as the heroes standing the attack.
Resistance won't stab in the back.
Only the human being knows how to fight,
as a slave who was left to be right.

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