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Soap Box Poets

Dear Cyberspace-Projected Bards,

Please send me your poems. Poems that you have always liked and that you want to share with us. Or record them. I'll make a selection and put them online. I also accept works from other authors. If this latter, please specify the author's name.

Audio material in MP3 format only (not exceeding 4 MBs please) can be emailed here:

Audio Poems read by Rutger:

'Depression Kid' by Charles Bukowski (2.5 MB)
'From Promise to Promise' by R. McKuen (700 KB)
'Night' by Rod McKuen (840 KB)
'My Love' by Anonymous (460 KB)
'As I Reach' (660 KB)
'Sushi Fruitcake' (719 KB)
'Batty' (1,450 KB)
'Attitude' (331 KB)

Video Poems read by Rutger:

'If You Forget Me' by Pablo Neruda (Quicktime 5.4MBs)

'Dad' by Eddy van Vliet - English adaptation by Rutger

'Vader' by Eddy van Vliet - Original Dutch Version

Audio Poems read by:

James Rauch
   'If I Didn't Say Goodbye' by Victoria Rose Steele (2.30 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'If You Forget Me' by Pablo Neruda (2.30 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'Song of the Flower' by Kahlil Gibran (3.63 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'Love Sonnet XLV' by Pablo Neruda (4.88 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'Why' by Jannis Soulantikas (3.84 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'Serenade of Farewell' by Vinicius de Moraes (552 kbs)
Caroline McElwee
   'Epiphanies' by Caroline McElwee (1.7 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
  'Not Love Perhaps' by ASJ Tessimond (1.9 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
  'Birches' by Robert Frost (4.2 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
  'Black Monday Lovesong' by ASJ Tessimond (1.4 MBs)
Lilly Hertz-Maahs
   'End of April' by Phyllis Levin (1 MB)
James Rauch
   'The Pain That Has Brought Me Here' by Joe Fielding (1.40 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
   'The Master Speed' by Robert Frost (1.5 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
   'Westwind2' by Mary Oliver (1.8 KBs)
   'Darkness' by Lord Byron (700 KBs)
Babalon Anon
   'Moonlight Sonata' by Babalon Anon (1.80 MBs)
Kolr Vestarson
   'Death Becomes This Whisper' by Kolr Vestarson (3.00 MBs)
Ruth Baxendale
   'Overheard on a Saltmarsh' by Harold Monro (1.8 KBs)

Video Poems:

'Shadow On the Stone' by Thomas Hardy
Read by Ruth Baxendale

'I Live In Hope' by Ruth Baxendale
Read by Ruth Baxendale

Submitted written poems:

Rutger's 'Marius'
Rutger's 'Hobo Witsh a Shotgun'
Rutger's 'Blue'

The Ground Such Happens
Crabby Old Woman
Thumb in the Air
The Masterplan
The Sound of Buildings at Night
Moon Tanned by Your Soft Existence
No Time To Say Goodbye
A Blade of Grass
Senescence in the Hastening Autumn
Who Is Now Reading This?
Sonnet 2
Nova Shine
The Dawn of a New Age
The Stars and the Moon
The Poison Within
There Is a Flower That Abides Forever
Pretty Thing
My World Is Me
The Usual
The Mirror
Bought and Sold
Run to Me
After All
Untitled (Dolphins Whispering)
A Ballad
My Wasted Chance
Through Seasons
Don't Get Out Much
Fear No More the Heat o' the Sun
Dying Star
Advice to a Son
An Old Woman
A Noiseless Patient Spider
My Poem
Ballet of the Leaves
From Me To You
The Trouble With Keeping in Touch
The Arrow and the Song
You Have to Be Careful
Because I'm Sorry
The Child of Light & Dark
My Dear Rutger
Sunrise Sunset
Out of the Woods
I'm weary
Good Brothers
Forever My Brother
Don Quixote

The Lady of Shalott

Your Voice Peels

The Wind

On Living

A Letter to Nowhere

Another Poem

Unrequited Life


The Sandman


Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face

The Minute I Heard My First Love Story


The Weighing

When I Met My Muse

A Boundless Moment

Daisies Amaze Me

Conversation With Myself


An Equation For My Children

The Tobacco Shop

The Chains of Love

Dream Deferred

Messy Room

The Convert

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Full Circle

299.Exile's Letter

This Is Just To Say

For the Foxes

Get a Grip

As You Go Through Life

Daddy Fell Into the Pond

The Pig

A Short Film

Still I Rise

Sleeping Angels Lie

Spring and Fall

Sonnet 73

This is She


Those Are Pearl That Were Her Eyes

Don't Go Far Off

Five A.M.


Sweet Dancer

A Little While, A Little While

A Couple More Years

I Do Not Love You...

Without Warning

Divine Author

When You Are Old

Sudden Light


The Snow Man

Acquainted With the Night

The Dark Attic


The Tide

The Sugar Dust House

As Soon as Fred Gets Out of Bed

Eye Halve a Spelling Chequer

Tribute to Robin Williams

The Writer

Please Mrs Butler

Sonnet 2


It's Not Yet Lead

Her Eyes


The Drifter


Later Than You Think

The Blues Don't Change

Read Aloud

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