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Boipelo is a sweet 8-year old kid from a small village in the Ruheru area (Nyaruguru region) of Rwanda (Africa).
He comes from a family with 3 kids - he is the younger boy. His family lives on agriculture only. He is now attending the basic school, learning to write and read.
With our regular monthly support, we we will help his growing up, his school education, HIV prevention, medical check-ups, etc. Furthermore, our regular support will also be used to improve the economical and health conditions of that area, and thanks to ActionAid, Care International and the World Food Program (WFP), it will help the weaker subjects of Ruharu: widows and orphans.

September 2010

We have received the first drawing from Boipelo!

He portrayed his whole family and the place he is living in, and he is also thanking us in his language, ('murakoze' means 'thank you' in Rwandese language).

In the Ruheru's area, there is only a first-aid station that is located 5 kms from the village: it goes without saying that this is not enough: sick people cannot embark on such a long trip to be cured. Our support is also addressed to establish in Ruheru a first-aid station for urgent medical interventions.

Thanks to awareness projects, the percentage of HIV-positive people has now decreased to 3% in this community. Many things still need to be done on this matter, though: we must not lower our guard since in the surrounding areas AIDS is still rampant.

The education system is developing: right now there are 2141 children attending the community's school.

Violence on women is an extremely sore point in this area, but with some local awareness interventions, women who report violence cases to authorities are increasing: now the local police is receiving some 10 complaints/day and 100 women have already received legal assistance.

Further to supporting Boipelo's growing up, our help is therefore also focusing on the following interventions:

- Fight against HIV/AIDS
- Improvement of school system
- Supply of plantable potatoes and biological and artificial fertilizers
- Enhancement of school education

- Enhancement of health system
- Fight against child labor
- Fight against violence on women

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