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The purpose of the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association Board is to provide advice and knowledge in many different fields. The people on our Board have expertise ranging from the scientific to the technical, from the philosophically impossible to what is possible and deeply needed. Their experience and skills are vital to our charity goals.

Our organization intends to be practical. Its Advisors come from different walks of life and as such they add a wider spectrum and provide strength to Starfish. They enable us to recognize opportunities in advance with which the Board of Directors members may not yet be familiar.

More importantly, they are people of experience in their fields who support our common goals by volunteering their assistance. Last but not least, they share a deep concern for all people struck by HIV/AIDS.

The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association's Board is one of our treasured assets.

Miss Sarah J. Murray Chemist, MSc (Eng) from the University of Sheffield. Research Assistant at University of Manchester since 1999 specialising in de-inking of paper using enzymes. Expertise in Polymer Science and engineering, organic synthesis, chromatographic techniques. Award winning STEM Ambassador (science communicator) since 2009 for north west of England. Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) since 2010. Member of Chemists Without Borders (CWB) since early 2014 and on their team since early 2015. Marine biology course and volunteer in Italy in 2015, learning and monitoring cetaceans.
Mrs Caterina A. Buldo Communication Manager, Southern Europe, for a U.S. leading manufacturing company; European Leader of its Foundation. She is based in Milan.
Mr Geert Haverkamp Sociologist (MSc), he has been working in the HIV/AIDS research since 1988 and in AIDS programs in Africa since 1995. Program Director of PharmAccess, Tanzania.
Mrs Andrea M. Durkin, RN, ACRN Director of Clinical Services and Spiritual Care Coordinator - Hospice & Palliative Care, Westchester (NY, USA)
Mr Franco Lori, MD University of Parma (Italy); Founder of Georgetown University's RIGHT (Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy) Institute, Washington, DC and Parma, Italy; Biotechnology, Virology and Medicine Research
Mrs Aurora Ascoli Film/Video/Animation Director - Classic/Digital Illustrator - Graphic Designer - Creative/Art Director. Check here her skills.
Mr Theodoor van Boven Founding Director, Condomerie, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Mrs CherylAnn Jones National AIDS Program Coordinator, Ministry of Health, Turks & Caicos Islands (BWI)


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