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June 2011 - Sarah and Joe hit the target!!

This year's raised amount is GBP 400 (or Euro 450)!

Heartfelt thanks for your steady and precious support
and for this umpteenth successful achievement!

April 2011 - Another successful result accomplished by Sarah, with Joe's promotional help!

Let's hear, directly from Sarah, her impressions and comments:

"I did think of it as an adventure. Brighton Rocks!

The Brighton Pavillion          Sea and Sand

Gorgeous view of the sea and the pier from our hotel and I got to see a fair bit of the place on my run.

Fantastic to meet the lovely Joe at last and her lovely other half and sweet daughter. We all spent a wonderful evening together.

Well I did it, I completed a marathon and although it didn't go exactly according to plan I am very happy to have done this.

off to my place!

I thoroughly enjoyed the run, the atmos was terrific as it always is at these events I was ding brilliantly, I was running well and was making good time for the first half, 13 miles.

5 miles....  

5 miles done...

13 miles halfway!....

Then at mile 15 developed pain in the back of my left leg, this got progressively worse throughout both of my legs with the odd twinge of cramp. I knew what it was straight away, salt depletion and I knew I would be walking most of the rest of the way by mile 21 I couldn't run at all and my fingers had all swollen up so I went to the nearby paramedics who gave me a couple of salty drinks then I was on my way again, keeping my hands in the air as advised.

At mile 16 a lady with a tannoy stopped me and gave a shout out for Starfish.

I managed to run the last 50 metres over the finish line to lots of cheers.

at finish line!!

Got unexpectedly emotional because after all my training, efforts etc I had hoped to do this in 4.5 hours not the full 6. Britain has been in a heatwave this past week and I just cannot run in the sun, just as I struggle to swim in warm water. All has to be cool-ish for me.

However I did it and got my medal damn it!

with medal and Starfish t-shirt!

There were some poor souls worse off than me.

runners by Pavillion...

My fingers were normal size again by 8.30ish.

....postrun joy!

So now I'm at the recovery and rebuilding of the body stage. Lots of rest, fluids and sleep.

just want to sleep!...

I am fortunate in that I can recover. We do not choose where we are born: it is a lottery. Not everyone has adequate food, clean water and decent healthcare. Isn't that something to think about?

Thank you very much to Joe for the most beautiful t-shirt ever! I wore it with pride and it is rather salty now but I shall wash it gently and put it in my treasure trove.

t-shirt front

t-shirt back

Thanks to Joe and her family for coming along to meet and support me.

chatting with Joe

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported me, it really does mean a lot to me and does make a difference!"



August 2010 - After another successful result for Sarah and her 2010 Great Manchester run, where she succeeded in gathering an Euro 254 sponsorship amount to support Starfish's goals, particularly focusing on the newly started long-distance adoption project, she joined forces with another strong and steady Starfish's supporter: Joe.

In 2011, they will run together in the Brighton Marathon.

Joe is presently seriously training to be able to successfully accomplish it: it is a huge challenge for her, since she hasn't been active for the past five years, she is now going on a diet and she is a heavy smoker, too... We are sure that with her strong willpower and our constant incitement, she will brilliantly make it.

Sarah, a 'veteran' of these physically-demanding sport events, is keeping up her legs and lungs fitness by regularly running for miles and miles: she just succeded in running 11 kms in 1 hour!

Sarah and Joe have their own blog, where they keep us updated about their news and constant progress. Visit them here for addirtional information:

Training for the Brighton Marathon

Information is also available on Sarah's blog:

Sarah's tracks

So, in April 2011, Joe and Sarah will run 26 miles and they want to share this important adventure with all of us.

They are embarking in this challenging task to raise funds and they have started collecting sponsorship now.

Please sponsor them for this very worthwhile cause!
Together we can make a difference!

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