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Didi's Star

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday, Jan 18th it happened; Grazia came over to bring me your gift. I knew I could expect something very special but never ever could I have imagined this... Gosh, I was told some people would leave a message, and in all honesty I thought it would be a few, to count on one hand and some fingers.. All those encouraging and loving words, the memories that come with each name, be it some more than others, was and still is dazzling me.

DD's audio - (mp3 format)

Sarah/Minty, your photo's from all the people I know who were on the conventions, and those I knew only by name from the GuestBook have a face for me now too, it is so cool! as if I have been there myself. stolen memories but as sweet as the real thing.

On the computer I got some pictures but cannot see well so the real ones make it much easier! and I sure had to giggle about your card!!!! that little piece of paper 'cause one card full with text wasn't enough LOL!
And Dear Nax, thanks for the letter and artwork.. you sent it to my place since you were too late to send it to you were in time for sure! I kept it a long time on a safe place till it could be put with the rest of the gift. It was a wonderful letter honey. HUG!

Monsieur Lucky le Chat, it was awesome to get a pic of you without wings.. the lavender is a bit on the edge, you're right.. I hope I don't get lavender wings one day LOL! Glad mom's cat Pine can dust my star... ahem.. I suppose one day I will have to do it myself.. I'm no good in household work I warn ya my laptop cat!!!! keep knocking them out and surprise that big Man upstairs eh!!! So will I, by not giving up and not giving in!!!!

Last but definitely not least, Shaz.. I hardly know how express what I would like to tell you..
Thank you so much for initiating this. After having read your letter, later after Grazia had left I couldn't hold it dry... I wish I could hug you till we both drop, and since that isn't possible I send you one through cyberspace, HUUUGGGG! Thank you for the thought, the effort and much much more. I hope I will be able to write you soon.

As you know it's difficult for me to write everyone back personally but I hope this reaches each of you.

You all as a group and yet individual, made me a very proud and happy person, to have a star at this specific location, - together with my big daddy bear Rutger...

...and to know something from me won't disappear for a long long time, and to FEEL that it matters if I give up or not is the greatest gift I ever received.



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