Rutger Hauer Autographed 'Babies' Song CD!


Here is a very special item!

It's the CD with the 'Babies' song Rutger sang in 1977!!

'''Babies' is the song for which Rutger wrote the lyrics together with Evert Nieuwstede.

It's a very rare record, and it's something Rutger is very proud of as it was his first attempt to be part of a band.

Further than producer, Evert was also the 'Babies' composer.

This song was released again in 2007 to celebrate its 30th anniversary and to raise funds for Rutger's Starfish organization.

Rutger has autographed the CD slim jewel case in black permanent ink, and he also drew a heart on it!


Thank you for your support to Rutger's Starfish!

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