Rutger's Autographed 'Magic Flute Diaries' Original Press Kit!!


Here we have a great item from 'Magic Flute Diaries', directed by Kevin Sullivan in 2006.

Some of the cast members were Mireille Asselin, Kelly Campbell, Warren Christie, Daniel Fathers, etc.
Rutger played the role of Dr. Richard Nagel.

This is the only original copy of 'Magic Flute Diaries' Press Kit in Rutger's archives.

Its contents are:
- 5 color photos portraying Rutger as Ricahrd Nagel
- 1 color promo leaflet with photos
- Various production notes,
- Mozart Facts information sheet
- Biographies of the main Cast and Crew Members

This press kit measures (closed) 9" x 12" (22 cms x 30 cms).

Rutger has autographed the Press Kit cover in black permanent ink.

This is the only 'Magic Flute Diaries' Press Kit in Rutger's archives!


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