Rutger Hauer Autographed Original 'The 10th Kingdom' Press-Kit!


Here we have a very special item from 'The Tenth Kingdom', the TV mini-series directed by David Carson and Herbert Wise, with Kimberly Williams, John Laroquette, Scott Cohen, Diane Wiest, etc !

Rutger played in an unforgettable way the 'Queen's Huntsman' character!

This is an original 'The 10th Kingdom' Press-Kit with a lot of wonderful contents, such as:

- Production Notes
- Production Information
- A 'Notable & Quotable' document
- Cast Biographies
- 10 color slides with scenes from this TV series
- A postcard

Rutger has autographed the very beautiful metallic-like press-kit cover in golden permanent ink, as well as the postcard's reserve side (this latter, in black permanent ink).

A one-of-a-kind item!


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