Rutger Hauer Autographed RARE Stunning ''Fifth Execution'' aka 'The Salamander Key' Promo Booklet + DVD Trailer Set!


Here we have another extremely RARE item from 'Fifth Execution' aka 'The Salamander Key'!

'The Fifth Execution', directed by Alexander Yakimchuk, was shot in 2009. Rutger plays 'Mr Hunt'. For more information:

This set includes:

- a booklet (1 side is in Russian language, 1 side is in English language) with all the film's information. It's a color 34-page booklet that also includes the cast filmographies. It measures (closed) 8" x 6" (21 cms x 14.5 cms).
- a promotional DVD, in a color printed heavy cardboard sleeve, with the film's original English-language trailer.-

Rutger has autographed the booklet cover (he has also drawn a heart above his autograph), the DVD cover and the DVD itself, in bright light blue permanent ink.

This is the only item of this kind in Rutger's archives!

Don't let it go!


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