Rutger Hauer Special Classy Fashion Stylists 'AIDS Awareness' T-Shirt!!


Here we have a VERY special and peculiar t-shirt!

A wonderful L-Size, white, round neck T-Shirt designed for 'December 1st AIDS Day' awareness purposes.

This very classy and elegant T-shirt has been designed by a group of young fashion stylists (such as Lavinia Biagiotti, Rachele Cavalli, Sole Ferragamo, Alessandra Gucci, Lola and Rocco Toscani, Francesca Versace, etc.) whose parents are famous fashion stylists.

This T-shirt has almost invisible yellowish horizontal lines all across it, which are fluorescent and light up in the darkness.

Its short sleeves are bordered with a red stripe resembling the AIDS ribboned symbol.

A red ribbon is printed on its right bottom front side.

Rutger has autographed this T-shirt in black ink.

Please note that the signature is not printed, i.e. it is original and applied with a special marker for fabrics.


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